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World-class expertise in international nuclear energy law

GNE Advisory is a boutique law practice dedicated to the nuclear energy sector. Helen Cook, Principal of GNE Advisory, has expertise advising on both the structuring and establishment of the legal and regulatory infrastructure for civilian nuclear power programmes, as well as the strategic development and negotiation of commercial arrangements for new nuclear power plants, including procurement, construction and financing.

Areas of Expertise

Nuclear energy policy
Nuclear energy programme development
IAEA Milestones Approach
Nuclear procurement
Commercial project structures
Drafting framework nuclear laws
Drafting implementing regulations
Drafting and negotiating nuclear construction contracts
Nuclear fuel transactions
Nuclear finance

The Second Edition of the Law of Nuclear

“The second edition of The Law of Nuclear Energy represents an outstanding example of both legal research and practice. The author demonstrates a deep knowledge of the legal base and key experiences that apply to counselling in the nuclear sector. Her second edition is certainly interesting for both practitioners looking for comprehensive overview on existing legal framework in this particular field of industry as well as policymakers (from both traditional nuclear states and from nuclear ‘newcomers’) who deal with strategic issues of energy policy and security. The book will also serve as a valuable source of information for international lawyers inquiring into this particular field of law and academicians commenting upon this peculiar area of law.”

“Helen’s book is more than just a textbook. It is well written and comprehensive in coverage and should be read carefully from the outset of policy-making so that governmental context can be as considered as possible. For the developers and financiers, the book provides an important tutorial which should be part of the preparation for early thinking about potential projects. The book is based on wide practical experience of advising on large successful projects around the world, including her ground-breaking experience in her work on the first projects in previously non-nuclear countries where the entire nuclear process has been started from scratch. The book overall is the result of painstaking work and is clearly written and easily assimilable—the author’s passion for her subject shines throughout.”

Helen Cook

Legal Consultant

Helen Cook

Helen is recognised as a nuclear law expert by the International Atomic Energy Agency, the former Chair of the World Nuclear Association’s Law Working Group and the author of the comprehensive legal text book, The Law of Nuclear Energy published by Sweet & Maxwell, (Second Edition, March 2018).

Helen Cook


World-class expertise dedicated to nuclear energy law



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